To strengthen communities, one married couple at a time, by addressing the top twelve areas of divorce and making them stepping stones through the power of Jesus Christ to living your best marriage now.


This experience is about helping couples make their relationship the best that it can be! The basis of the teaching format is built around  the top 12 reasons most marriages end in divorce. Each teaching session is 30 minutes long with practical application  to follow afterwards. The format of each session is based on what we  call E5:  Evaluate, Educate, Equip, Elevate, and Empower.

Evaluate: Each couple will  be asked to take an honest and transparent view of their marriage based  on each of the top twelve areas of divorce. They will be asked to  openly look at each area and see where there may  be challenges. Not every area will be a weakness but for many  marriages, each area will represent a chance for growth, evaluation, and  assessment. 

Educate: Each session  experience will allow for each couple to be educated and informed in  that area. Whether a weakness exists or not, every marriage will benefit  from the teaching part both from the Bible  as  well as from the most current research in each specific topic field. We  give you the information and help you put it into action.

Equip: The primary purpose  of the E5 marriage experience is to give each married couple the  necessary tools to navigate through each of the twelve areas of divorce.  The principle is, “What’s brought to light, darkness  no longer has power over.” The whole experience is designed for each  couple to work together on plans and strategies for how to navigate  through these twelve areas when and if they arise. 

Elevate: This experience  is designed to take your marriage to a whole new level of existence. How  you see your spouse, how you interact with your spouse, the level of  love, care, understanding, and respect for each  other will be taken to a whole new level.

Empower: The E5 experience  has been created to give married couples the authority and power to  create their best marriage now; to live each day with more confidence  and security in each other’s love and intent towards  each other!

This is an experience, not  a seminar. The couples participate in dyads, small groups, large  groups, videos, music, and games to maximize the learning experience in  each session.



"My husband and I have been in a bad place for a long time and God sent this experience just in time.  We know it’s going to be a long road but it is one we are back on together.  It helped us just to be able to talk again and remember what we love about each other."  Nicholle B.

"Eye opening to issues he and I have other than what I thought."  Stacie G.

"I know what my spouse needs are and what I can do to change me and my negative habits."  Ronnie S.

"I received the gift of being heard from my husband."  Jenny L.

"I feel our marriage will continue on an upward climb and we will be well equipped to handle adversity when it does come."  Brad L.

"God has given me my husband back.  God told me He would restore my marriage and He did!"  Karen S.

"I have become aware again of why I originally fell in love with my wife."  Bill S.

"My wife and I were not connected mentally and physically.  We haven't talked about our lives together in a long time.  We had to face each other and some of our problems head on this weekend."  Daniel B.

“I am thankful to have learned about the 12 main reasons married couples divorce and how to examine my marriage and expose any issues that we can to improve upon.” Eloise F.

“I realized after being married for 27 years that we needed this more than we knew, we have a lot more to work on!” Dianne H.

“I am able to understand why my financial values are different from my spouse and how our difference in personality and values are a work of a lifetime to understand and appreciate.” Curtis E.

“This helped break down walls that were hard to reach, now we are effectively talking in detail about how we feel about everything.” M. Brown

“I feel very hopeful and excited knowing that God is in control and has our marriage in His hands despite the 12 reasons that threaten to break couples apart. Now I have the knowledge and resources available to deal with these issues should they come our way.” Ashley H.

“I learned about many new areas that can lead to divorce. I am going to take what I have learned to build a good foundation for our marriage.” JD Hale

“We have grown closer and have more understanding of one another and we communicate better now than ever before!” Christy G.

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What sets us apart from other so called "seminars" is that we teach the concepts to touch all learning styles. The E5 Marriage Experience is presented in such a way that each style of learning is able to relate to the material. 

We use a wide range of learning methods such as:


Small Groups

Large Groups




Interactive learning sessions

Lots of music

We present each concept in lecture form (auditory learner), in visual form (visual learner) combined with an exercise to practice what the participant has learned (hands-on learner). In doing this, the participant walks away with more than a textbook knowledge of the material; they have an intellectual, physical knowledge as well as emotional healing. 

What we know is that you will remember 10% of what you READ, 20% of what you HEAR, 30% of what you SEE, 50% of what you SEE and HEAR, 70% of what you SPEAK, and 90% of what you EXPERIENCE! That’s what makes the E5 weekend so different, it’s an experience not a seminar. 

Many of the other so called “seminars” are more informational and in their delivery more lecture oriented and more surface whereas the E5 Marriage Experience goes to the very core of your being and your marriage relationship. You will gain relationship building tools that will allow you to take what you have learned back into your life and implement those tools into your marriage so that you can have your best marriage now!