Three Myths About What Really Makes You Happy

Happiness is really the joy we feel when we are moving toward our potential.  Therein lies the big challenge.  Most people live in mediocrity and scarcity today and don't realize that their happiness in not dependent on outside influences, people, or what you do, its actually a decision you make each and everyday you are alive.  If your life is not moving forward, then more than likely you will find yourself unhappy and unfulfilled.  

Marriage Coach TAlks about His Poor Choices

Marriage is not easy and not always filled with happy moments, but the bottom line is everyday you have to CHOOSE to love your spouse more than anyone, anything, and any desire you have.  Trust me, I learned this lesson the hard way.

Communication Skills you will learn at E5

Men are Women are totally we communicate, sexual expectations, mental and emotional makeup, personalities, values, priorities and spiritual mindsets.  E5 will give you the tools to help you be closer in these areas and become best friends.