Most Common Questions

Does my marriage have to be in a bad place to attend?

Not at all.  We have many couples who are not in crisis attend the E5 Experience.  Many learn new things about their spouses and gain tools on how to continue their journey together.   We have had couples who have been married for over 30 years attend E5.

Is this just another typical seminar where we sit and someone speaks to us?


The E5 Marriage Experience is presented in such a way that each style of learning is able to relate to the material. 

We use a wide range of learning methods such as:


Small Groups

Large Groups




Interactive learning sessions

Lots of music

Many of the other so called “seminars” are more informational and in their delivery more lecture oriented and more surface whereas the E5 Marriage Experience goes to the very core of your being and your marriage relationship. You will gain relationship building tools that will allow you to take what you have learned back into your life and implement those tools into your marriage so that you can have your best marriage now!

If we are engaged can we attend?

Absolutely!  We believe the E5 Marriage Experience to be one of the best pre-marriage exercises that a couple can do for themselves.  It will save you years of grief and hardship, as well as teach you valuable tools that you can apply to your relationship for years to come.  You will discuss together many areas that most couples avoid and that later come up to be huge issues in their marriage.   It's easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. 

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Is this a Christian based event?

Yes it is.  Although not a heavy Bible study or intense focus on the spiritual part of your life, each session has scripture references and may have some points of reference from the Bible.  If you are not Christian, or are turned off by churches or preaching, you will not be uncomfortable with how the materials are presented and the way the scriptures are placed in the teaching session each night.  The emphasis of the E5 Marriage Experience is to have you and your spouse make your relationship the best that it can be.  

We are seeing a counselor, would this still be beneficial for us to attend?

Yes it would.  Due to the nature of the material being based on the Top 12 reasons couples get divorced the E5 Marriage Experience could even enhance the counseling you are currently in.  

Why is the E5 Marriage Experience based on the top 12 reasons couples get divorced, seems negative?

The E5 experience is NOT focusing on divorce, its using the top 12 reasons couples do get divorced as a spring board for couples to address the areas which are most challenging in most marriages.  What we find is that by addressing and talking about these areas couples learn about each other and equip themselves to be able to address these problem areas with a much more proactive and educated approach.  Avoiding these areas and not addressing them will only up your relationship to major challenges down the road.