Meet Your Coaches

Rich and Libia Cavaness


Richard J. Cavaness

Rich Cavaness is a professional speaker,  author, and coach through the Certified Coaches Federation. His passion  is helping people improve their lives and become the amazing person that  God created them to be. 

His near death experience in November of 2011,  changed the course of his life, his purpose, and his story that is impacting thousands of people around the world.

  • For over 18 years now, nationally recognized speaker, author,  and coach Rich Cavaness has spoken in front of thousands of people,  trumpeting the message of investing in yourself, becoming a life-long  learner, and getting the most out of your life with an attitude of  gratitude. 

  • He has been an entrepreneur and sales specialist for 30 years  now, starting his own insurance agency, construction company and  personal development and coaching company.

  • Rich was in full time ministry for 8 years as a Senior Pastor  and Evangelist, and was a Non-Profit Executive Director for 3 years. 

  • Rich is a recognized expert on the science of success as a  Certified Instructor with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is a  Certified Master Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches  Federation. 

  • He is an encouraging, high level communicator, who is super-energetic, which is shown by his writing 5 of his own books. 

  • His newest book, The Gratitude Effect, shows how Gratitude is the catalyst that fuels a positive mental attitude, which is one of the  key factors in personal, business, and church success today. 

  • Rich specializes in creating opportunities for busy people,  individually and in groups, guiding them through personal development  and coaching. 

  • Rich’s hobbies include writing and creating life  enrichment materials, exercise, snow skiing, hiking and camping in the  Pacific Northwest, anything sports, traveling, and spending quality time  with his wife. 

  • Rich has two adult children. Sarah is 27 and  married and lives in Tacoma, WA with her husband Chris and their  daughter Emma Rose. Jonathan is 25 and a former U.S. Marine and working  on his fire management and EMT certifications. 

Libia Cavaness

Both Rich and Libia have been through the  personal pain of divorce and broken homes. The met each other in 2008  while attending church events and attending The Road together and  married in November 2011. Since then, they are on a personal mission to  help couples by equipping and empowering them to address many of the issues and challenging areas that often lead to divorce. 

Libia, who was born in Venezuela, is a Chef for the Mary Kay Corporation  in Addison, TX.

Libia’s hobbies are cooking, organizing big  events, wedding planning, watching romantic movies with her husband, and  visiting family in Chattanooga, TN. 

Libia is a Certified Life Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation

Libia and Rich currently live in Dallas, TX